I grew up in London, Ontario and went to high school in Whitby, Ontario. I’ve been living in Toronto since 2013, where I live with my partner, Aileen, and our two rabbits: Lulu (white) and Bean (brown).

Other than linguistics, my interests include reading, playing board and video games, programming, and listening to and playing music.

Other than linguistics, some of my interests include reading, playing board and video games, free and open software (GNU/Linux, etc.), and music.


One of my favourite ways to procrastinate is writing code. Most of my day-to-day data analysis is done using Python, and I also use Python to write small scripts to make my life easier.

I also really enjoy using Haskell. (This site is built using Hakyll, a Haskell library for generating static sites.)

My current side project is writing an economic simulation game in Rust with Bevy. This is still in the very early stages so I haven’t pushed the code yet but I’ll link it here when I do.

You can find my code at GitLab. I also have a Github account which I use to follow and contribute to open-source projects that are hosted there.

It’s not really “programming” per se, but I set up the website for Renshin Kendo Club.


I’ve played the violin since I was little and I love listening to and discovering new music. Over the last couple years I’ve been spending most of my violin time playing Irish traditional music. You can check out my profile on The Session if you’re curious about what I’ve been playing.