Tim Gadanidis


Hi! I'm Tim Gadanidis (/tɪm ˌgædəˈnidɪs/), a Ph.D. student in linguistics at the University of Toronto.

You can download my CV here.

The rest of this page is organized as follows: §2 outlines my research interests and contains links to download papers/slides. §3 provides a brief description of my personal info and non-linguistic interests.


Research interests

My research interests lie mostly in language variation and change (LVC); that is, I study the social and linguistic predictors that underlie language variation, as well as how that variation leads to change over time. Particularly, I'm interested in stylistic variation, discourse-pragmatic markers (especially um, uh and other “sublexical” markers like hm), subject drop, and anything to do with language on the internet.

Uh and um

For my M.A. degree paper, I conducted a study of um and uh in instant messaging (IM) under the supervision of Derek Denis.

Recent variationist work (e.g., Wieling et al., 2016) has identified a change in progress: um is rising in frequency relative to uh, which might be related to an emerging functional difference between the two. My goal was to explore that idea using IM data, in which the use of the words seems to be more intentional: while some would argue we “automatically” produce them in speech, using them in IM requires more conscious effort and thus may provide clues as to their discourse-pragmatic function.

I'm currently working on extending the findings of my M.A. paper with an experiment: I'm planning to use a matched-guise design to identify listeners' social/interactional evaluations of speakers depending on whether and how they use uh, um, neither or both.

Other research interests

Apart from LVC, I'm also interested in the linguistics of Japanese: both in phonology (e.g., mora-timing) and in syntax/semantics (e.g., sluicing and island effects, relative clauses, and adjectival modifiers).


This section lists only downloadable papers/slides. For an exhaustive list of my output please see my CV.

Gadanidis, Timothy. ‘Um, about that, uh, variable’: Uh and um in teen instant messaging.” Discourse-Pragmatic Variation & Change 4. University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland). May 28–30th, 2018.

Denis, Derek and Timothy Gadanidis. ‘Before the rise of um.” Discourse-Pragmatic Variation & Change 4. University of Helsinki (Helsinki, Finland). May 28–30th, 2018.

Gadanidis, Timothy. ‘I'll have to steal that... um borrow it’: Investigating uh and um in the instant messages of teens and twentysomethings.” Change & Variation in Canada (CVC) 10. University of Manitoba and Université de Saint-Boniface (Winnipeg, Manitoba). May 4–5th, 2018.


Our rabbit, Lulu, in his box as usual
Our rabbit, Lulu, in his box as usual.

I grew up in London, Ontario and went to high school in Whitby, Ontario. I've been in Toronto since 2013, where I live with my partner, Aileen and a rabbit named Lulu.

Other than linguistics, some of my interests include kendo, board games, taking pictures, and free and open software (GNU/Linux, etc.). Lately I've been getting more into programming and am currently working on learning Haskell. I've played the violin since I was little and I love listening to and discovering new music.